bird on cactus

Don’t look for God in Church
For God, church is in everything.
The garden, the hills, the forest, the river,
The bedroom, cooking the meal, sweeping the porch,
In the coffee house, at the office,
In jail, on the battlefield, laboring to give birth,
Laboring the last breath, bringing home the new kitten,
Burying the old faithful dog,
Planting the seed, watching the night sky,
Sitting in a traffic jam, speeding to the next appointment,
And more; so much more.
Where isn’t God?
That is rhetorical.
A question not to be answered, rather to be found,
Just look around

I didn’t go to church today.
The songbird pecked at my glass door
The way she does every spring morning
About 7 a.m.
Then this thought came to me.
This is church.
Where else should I be?

To put on my Sunday best
To hurry off then be still
and miss the song bird on my sill,
Which is the greater sin?
Of course there is no sin,
We can’t lose, it’s win/win.
Church is everywhere.
Open your heart, God is there.

Victoria Seeley/April 24th 2015