Victoria Seeley


My interactive approach provides a pathway through the often difficult, uncharted territory of relationship.  My orientation is psychodynamic which acknowledges and explores earlier life experiences and their influence on current behaviors, beliefs, and feelings.  I address both the acute symptoms that are causing current distress and the deep, chronic issues that reinforce negative patterns.

The heart of my therapy practice is focused on identifying and exploring core beliefs that keep a person surviving rather than thriving.  I provide tools to interrupt negative feedback loops and to develop capacities to strengthen relationships with self and others.

My special area of interest is the major transitions occurring throughout the life cycle.  I assist people along and through these transitional passages:

  • adolescence to adulthood
  • adulthood to midlife
  • three stages of midlife
  • elder years
  • end of life transition

Are you willing to take the next step to create the life you are meant to live?
My practice includes:

  • Individual and couples therapy.
  • Group therapy – long term, process-oriented.
  • Consultation for parents of adolescent daughters.
  • Seminars for women in midlife.
  • Workshops and retreats for mothers and adolescent daughters.
  • Life coaching in one’s personal or professional life.

I received my Masters Degree in Psychology from the Professional School of Psychology in San Francisco.  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have been practicing psychotherapy in Sacramento since 1989.  I am a member of CAMFT and AAMFT.  I have been a guest speaker and have been interviewed for articles on relational issues throughout the life cycle.

Research indicates that the most reliable predictor of success in therapy is the collaborative relationship between the therapist and client.   I look forward to working with you.  You can reach me at (916) 442-3737.



My approach acknowledges and explores earlier life experiences and their influence on current behaviors,  beliefs, and feelings.  Our objective is to strengthen and develop a solid and healthy sense of self.


My coaching makes the assumption – “all your answers lie within you”.   In coaching, you and I will explore your personal values and vision.  


My workshops and seminars are designed to provide a wholistic experience.

Clear Communication

Keeping open communication with your therapist is important to me. I use the latest devices and technology to keep available.

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