Victoria Seeley


I am especially interested in  life’s transitions.  My workshops, seminars and retreats are focused on these transitional passages:

  • Adolescence to adulthood
  • Adulthood to midlife
  • Three stages of midlife
  • Elder years
  • End of life transition

Transition from one stage of life to another is often painful and difficult.  But also,  every stage brings it’s own unique gift.  The pain can often bury the gift, which needs to be uncovered.

My workshops and seminars are designed to provide a wholistic experience.  I combine education and experiential exercises to help individuals minimize the pain and access their gifts.  Through this multidimensional approach the true potential of each life passage can be realized.



My approach acknowledges and explores earlier life experiences and their influence on current behaviors,  beliefs, and feelings.  Our objective is to strengthen and develop a solid and healthy sense of self.


My coaching makes the assumption – “all your answers lie within you”.   In coaching, you and I will explore your personal values and vision.  


My workshops and seminars are designed to provide a wholistic experience.

Clear Communication

Keeping open communication with your therapist is important to me. I use the latest devices and technology to keep available.

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