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Coaching is inspiring, exciting and action oriented.  It begins with a question:  What is my purpose?  Where do I go from here?  How can I have the life I want?  Why am I unhappy?  These questions all point to a longing for change in some area of life.

My coaching makes the assumption –“ all your answers lie within you”.   In coaching, you and I will explore your personal values and vision.  We will also identify your unique skills, and gifts.  Together we can discover the plan needed and describe the specific tasks necessary to achieve your goals.

Through a series of scheduled meetings we will strategize plans, keep an account of progress and bridge the gap between your vision and your reality.  When your internal vision is compatible with your external abilities and these are acted upon, success is a natural outcome.



My approach acknowledges and explores earlier life experiences and their influence on current behaviors,  beliefs, and feelings.  Our objective is to strengthen and develop a solid and healthy sense of self.


My coaching makes the assumption – “all your answers lie within you”.   In coaching, you and I will explore your personal values and vision.  


My workshops and seminars are designed to provide a wholistic experience.

Clear Communication

Keeping open communication with your therapist is important to me. I use the latest devices and technology to keep available.

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